Hello everyonee!

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Due to personal reasons, I will be putting the RPG on hiatus, indefinitely. I won’t be shutting it down, simply so those of you who would like to continue playing your characters here can, but I will not be able to update/manage the page and dedicate the time to running this RPG that I used to, which is unfair to all of you.

So…. what does this mean?

It won’t affect any of your current plots. You’re all free to continue however you wish. There just won’t be anymore updates, new characters, etc. I’ll be on Sayyida once in a while, but that’s about it. 

I hope one day I’ll be able to take Sanguine off hiatus, but for the time being and the near future, it’ll be ‘on hold’ so to speak.

Thank you all, so much, for your dedication and enthusiasm to the Sanguine Society. <3 It wouldn’t have turned into the lovely world it was without all of you. :)

Until next time,

When will there be new bios?
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I am still working on them D: 

Requests are always welcome!

Which are your characters again?
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Haha, if you’re in the group, message me off anon and I’ll tell you :D

If you aren’t in the group… then JOIN and I’ll tell ya! ;D

ok.... im blind...where is your open character list?
Anonymous ASKED

Right here!


Doing a little housekeeping for the moment

The following characters are no longer in the roleplay and need to be unfollowed:


Hi guys! I’m currently stuck in the airport, waiting for my delayed flight back home, so I thought I’d take the time to let you all know what’s going on! 

In terms of ACTIVITY: This time of year is difficult for RPG’s… especially the end of August- people are going back to school, moving out/moving in, starting new jobs, etc. I completely understand that real life has the tendency get in the way of things! That being said, I won’t be issuing an activity check until September 1st. 

In terms of CHARACTERS: September 1st will also be the day for new characters to be added and old ones deleted. If you feel like writing up a new character, or writing a new one to be posted as an open character (perhaps you want someone in connection with yours? Or a character you think would be an interesting addition to the RPG?)— I am more than happy to read over any submissions and then post them! :D 

Hmm… if there’s anything you feel needs to be addressed or talked about, PLEASE send me a message! I’m not perfect. Sometimes I miss things.. I’m not afraid to ask for help when I need it, and this is an area I could definitely use some help in! 

Anyway— I really appreciate your patience with me and with the group and I am soooo happy that you all are here :D 

Thank you!

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Hi guysssss

I have a bit of news for you all— for the next *counts on fingers* four days, I will be unable to fulfill my regular admin-ing duties, due to the fact that I will be parading down the main street of Radiator Springs with my pals ‘Mater and Doc and Lightening McQueen.


So….. I won’t be around until Thursday. Obvs the game isn’t stopping— I just won’t be around to answer questions or accept new apps. I might be on one of my characters a little bit, but….. that’s it. :) 

So behave yourselves and STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM OOC DRAMA, PLEASE. <3 

i’m half delirious and I haven’t even packed yet. Ugh.

Okay, goodnight/goodmorning everyone! See you on Thursday!

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Would you consider a Holland Roden fc?
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Can you make a Chris Pine FC?
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I can… How would you like him?